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By Urs Graf

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The conception of Laplace transformation is a crucial a part of the mathematical history required for engineers, physicists and mathematicians. Laplace transformation tools supply effortless and potent concepts for fixing many difficulties bobbing up in quite a few fields of technological know-how and engineering, specially for fixing differential equations. What the Laplace transformation does within the box of differential equations, the z-transformation achieves for distinction equations. the 2 theories are parallel and feature many analogies. Laplace and z­ variations also are often called operational calculus, yet this thought can be utilized in a extra constrained experience to indicate the operational calculus of Mikusinski. This ebook doesn't use the operational calculus of Mikusinski, whose strategy relies on summary algebra and isn't effortlessly available to engineers and scientists. The symbolic computation potential of Mathematica can now be utilized in desire of the Laplace and z-transformations. the 1st model of the Mathematica package deal LaplaceAndzTransforrns built via the writer seemed ten years in the past. The package deal computes not just Laplace and z-transforms but in addition comprises many workouts from quite a few domain names of functions. Upon loading the package deal, approximately 100 and fifty new instructions are extra to the integrated instructions of Mathematica. The code is put in entrance of the already integrated code of Laplace and z-transformations of Mathematica in order that integrated features now not coated by means of the package deal stay on hand. The package deal considerably complements the Laplace and z-transformation amenities of Mathematica. The booklet is especially designed for readers operating within the box of applications.

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Example. Euler's Beta Function. Starting from the correspondences 1"-1 1 - • sa - 00 u(t) - f(a) , 1'-1 1 - sb • - 00 u(t) - f(b) , Ra > 0, Rb > 0 we have, by the Convolution Theorem, 1 [ -- • - sa sb 00 _ 00 r (t - xt- I J u(t) o f(a) u(t) f(a) f(b) Jo r (t-xt- I xh- I u(x) feb) dx f(a) u(t - x) xh- I f(b) dx (t _ xt- I xh- I dx . On the other hand, sa sb sa+b· - 00 1"+b-1 u(t) f(a + b) . Therefore, 1"+b-1 = u(t) u(t) f(a + b) f(a) f(b) Or, if we set t (\t _ x)a-I Jo xh- I dx. = 1, we obtain f(a + b) = 1 f(a) f(b) (I (1 Jo _ x)a-I xh- I dx.

The solution is Y(s) = cexp[-(n+ ~)ln(S2 + 1)] = c (i + 1)-n-l/2 where c is an arbitrary constant. For n = 0, we have Y(s) = c _~. -vs2 +1 Thus, the Laplace transform of the Bessel Function of order 0 is given by lo(t) c 0 -. {if+l • The constant factor c will be determined later. Let us now find a power series for y(t). By use of the binomial series we obtain 29 Laplace Transfonnation 1 )-n-l/2 = cs- 2n- 1(1 + iF = Y(s) = cLJ ~ (-n -1/2) -2(n+k)-1 k k=O s ~ CS- 2n - 1 LJ k=O (-n -k 1/2) S-2k .

_l)k (2 n + 1)(2 n + 2) ... (2n+2)(2n+4) ... (2n+2k) (_l)k (2 n + 1)(2 n + 2) ... (2 n + 2 k - 1)(2 n + 2 k) 2k k! (2 k (n + 1) (n + 2) ... (n + k)) (_l)k (2n+2k)! n! 2k k! (2n)! 2k (n +k)! (_1)k f(2n+2k+ l)r(n+ 1) 22kk! f(2n+1)f(n+k+1) Hence we have Y(s) = c c =---~ (s2 + 1)n+ 1/2 ~ f(n+1) f(2n+1) (_l)k f(2n+2k+1) 22kk! J (_l)k f(2n+2k+1) 22k+nk! r(n+k+1) p(n+k) f(2n+2k+1)' k=O The function y(t), being the solution of a homogeneous linear differential equation, is only determined up to a constant factor.

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