Anomalies And Curiosities Of Medicine by George M. Gould, Walter L. Pyle PDF

By George M. Gould, Walter L. Pyle

ISBN-10: 1891355422

ISBN-13: 9781891355424

Freaks and clinical curiosities from 1896. a set of outstanding circumstances derived from an exhaustive examine of scientific literature. Abstracted, annotated, and listed. Authors: George M. Gould, MD, Walter L. Pyle, MD writer: Bell Publishing corporation Date: 1956 facsimile variation of 1896 printing structure: Hardcover info: 296 b&w illustrations, 968 pages

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Meanwhile the abdomen and breasts enlarge, owing to a rapid taking on of fat, and this is far less visible elsewhere. There comes with this excess of fat the most profound conviction of the fact of pregnancy. By and by the child is felt, the physician takes it for granted, and this goes on until the great diagnostician, Time, corrects the delusion. " In the same article, Dr. Mitchell cites the two following cases under his personal observation: "I was consulted by a lady in regard to a woman of thirty years of age, a nurse in whom she was interested.

The fetus was macerated but not putrid, and the placenta had undergone fatty degeneration. At a recent meeting of the Chicago Gynecological Society, Dr. F. A. Stahl reported the case of a German−Bohemian woman in which the fifth pregnancy terminated three hundred and two days after the last menstruation. Twenty days before there had occurred pains similar to those of labor, but they gradually ceased. The sacral promontory was exaggerated, and the anteroposterior pelvic diameter of the inlet in consequence diminished.

On the thirteenth day it weighed 1250 grams, and at the end of a week it was taking the breast. In December, 1879, it had 16 teeth, weighed 10 kilograms, walked with agility, could pronounce some words, and was especially intelligent. Capuron relates an instance of a child born after a pregnancy of six and a half months and in excellent health at two years, and another living at ten years of the same age at birth. Tait speaks of a living female child, born on the one hundred and seventy−ninth day, with no nails on its fingers or toes, no hair, the extremities imperfectly developed, and the skin florid and thin.

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