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Chapter 1. Features of the iPod Photo Apple has recently released the iPod photo (see Figure 1-1), a fourth generation (4G) iPod capable of displaying color photos. With its new enhanced color screen, you could now do more with your iPod, other than using it just as a music player. If you are the proud owner of the new iPod photo, congratulations! I know you are eager to know what are the cool things you could do with your new toy. In this book, I will share with you some tips and tricks for using your iPod photo.

Figure 2-20. 3 and then in the Start Slideshow step (see Figure 2-21), and select TV On. Figure 2-21. Starting a slideshow on a TV You should now be able to view the slideshow on your TV (see Figure 2-22). Figure 2-22. 5. Connecting iPod Photo to a Projector Most projectors today support different types of input ports (see Figure 2-23). You can connect your iPod photo to a projector by either using the included iPod photo AV cable (see the section "Displaying Slideshows on a TV"), or using an S-Video cable (sold separately).

0 cable to connect your iPod photo to the computer. 0 ports can charge your iPod. 1 ports do not have enough power to charge your iPod photo. If you are a PC user and your computer comes with a 4-pin FireWire port (most commonly found in notebook computers), you need to buy a 6-pin to 4-pin FireWire adapter (see Figure 1-7). Figure 1-7. The 6-pin to 4-pin FireWire adapter You cannot charge the iPod photo using a 4-pin FireWire port. 3. New Dock The iPod photo comes with a new Dock. Figure 1-8 shows the old Dock and the new Dock for iPod photo.

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