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By Alexander, of Aphrodisias.; Aristotle.; Barnes, Jonathan

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In Metaphysics 4 Aristotle discusses the character of metaphysics, the fundamental legislation of good judgment, the falsity of subjectivism and the different sorts of ambiguity. the whole, transparent observation of Alexander of Aphrodisias in this very important publication is the following translated into English via Arthur Madigan. Alexander is going via Aristotle's textual content essentially line via line, getting to the logical series of the arguments, noting locations the place Aristotle's phrases will undergo a couple of interpretation and staining variation readings. He again and again cross-refers to the De Interpretatione, Analytics, Physics and different works of Aristotle, therefore putting Metaphysics 4 within the content material of Aristotle's philosophy as an entire

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The status of a proposition as affirmative or negative is called by Alexander its quality, poiotes. Propositions differ in quality, kata to poion, when one is affirmative and the other negative. 123 A proposition has a quantity as well as a quality: propositions may differ or agree kata to poson, in quantity. For in every 120 Alexander appears to mean that 'Some A is B' is subcontrary to 'Some A is not B', so that 'subcontrary' means something like 'quasi-contrary'. ) Note, however, that Ammonius (in Int.

51 'Compounding" gives sunthesis, which is standardly translated as 'synthesis'. g. Aristotle, EN 1095a30-b4; Plato, Rep. 511BC (and for the 'return route' see 521C, 532B); cf. g. Ammonius, in Porph. /sag. 37,7-13; Proclus, in Eucl. 43,18-21; Eustratius, in An. Post. 3,4-7. 58 Again, the reduction of a given syllogism to its appropriate figure is said to be analysis — and it is in this sense of analysis in particular that the books are entitled Analytics. 62 The books in which he studies the analysis of syllogisms he entitles Prior Analytics; those in which he studies the analysis of demonstrations he also calls Analytics -but Posterior Analytics.

392,19-26. uo See 29,1-29 and notes. 32 Introduction Two terms may stand in various relations to one another. If every B is A, then A 'includes' or 'encompasses' B, periekhei or perilambanei. ) A is 'over', huper, B, and B is 'under', hupo, A. A may, in addition, hold of things which are not B. Then A is of wider extension, epi pleon, than B, and it (or some part of it) 'falls outside' B (piptein ektos). Again, if no A is B, then A and B are 'disjoined' (apezeugmenon). Asuzugia or combination of premisses contains three terms in all: its two constituent propositions 'share', koinonein, a term.

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