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By Swami Chinmayananda (Balakrishna Menon)

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The welded version can be designed and placed into production in a fraction of the time required for a casting but is more costly to produce. An engineering cost analysis could predict that, for initial production and for long-term future service parts availability, the welded assembly would be preferred. That same analysis could predict that for many large-scale production applications, a casting would be preferred. The costs and value of each option could be evaluated and the lowest total cost option selected.

However, these developments still only require appropriate funding, time, and discipline to complete. In order to take advantage of these developments, it will be necessary to change the design and manufacturing business culture, so that it focuses on the total life-cycle cost rather than the cost of discrete events. Without this change, designers and manufacturing engineers will remain within their disciplines and continue to suboptimize their portion at the expense of the whole. Manufacturing Cost Modeling During conceptual design and concurrent with all other design-for-X (DfX) activities, the life-cycle cost of a product should be addressed.

33-37, July 1993. 36 RETOOLING MANUFACTURING x Cognition—process flow cost modeling x Wright Williams & Kelly—cost of ownership modeling x Savantage—conceptual design cost modeling x ABC—ABC cost modeling x IBIS—technical cost modeling x Prismark—Niche parametric manufacturing cost modeling (for printed circuit boards) Another area that is often overlooked is cost modeling for software development. Systems are a combination of hardware and software. " Codesign allows an optimum partitioning of the required product functionality between hardware and software.

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Śaṅkara the Missionary by Swami Chinmayananda (Balakrishna Menon)

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