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Driver, and Charles A. , A Hebrew and English Lexicon of the Old Testament (Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1907), p. virTs. ROGER JAYKAPLAN 326 best preservesthe original(andcorrect)formof the verbbeforeit underwent the orthographictransformation. HayyOjderivedthe form 'Inylinfrom the inflection of the weak root hifil ~-r-,,making it the "correct"spelling, and considered'inYi' a defective form of this verb. Consequently,one can concludethathere the asl is, in fact, an underlyingformof the surfaceform.

273. 115. And T. Toharot5:2 parallelsM. Makshirin2:3; see discussionabove. 116. Alon, "LeviticalUncleannessof Gentiles,"pp. 8-9; cf. See SaulLieberman,ToseftaKi-Fshutah: on the Tosefta,10 vols. (New York:JewishTheologicalSeminary,1955-88), vol. Commentary 4, pp. 805-806. 117. The last passageconnectsGentilesto corpseimpurityas well; cf. T. AvodahZarah is conveyed 4(5):11, whichalso operateson an assumptionof Gentileimpurity. The objectso defiledthenconveysimpurity as well. In T. 119Finally, it is curious that T.

Zeitlin,by extension,associatesthe originof Jewishproselyteimmersionwiththe samedecree. for conversion(immersionandsacrifice) It is trulya curiouscoincidencethatthe requirements arealso requiredfor the purificationof a zab (pp. 877-878). See n. 6 above. 128. Alon, "LeviticalUncleannessof Gentiles,"pp. 156-158. 129. The decree(s)may or may not have explicitlyplacedGentilesin the legal category of the zab. While most of the sourcesagreewith this analogy,a few (B. Shabbat83b and B. AvodahZarah36b) questionthe point.

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