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One-component polyurethane adhesives have also become popular in recent years. These adhesives have a single component and depend on moisture for curing. The moisture is sometimes available in the wood or the atmosphere, but it is common practice to dampen the surface before applying the adhesive. One has to be careful to use the right amount of adhesive and to clamp the parts, because the adhesive generates foam on curing and tends to expand. Dr. Dave Dunn is a former vice president and director of Loctite Corp.

J EARLY EXPERIENCE In early 1950, Johnston unwittingly entered into what would become his lifetime career path when he joined Smith & Nephew as a laboratory technician. , diachylon bandages). J o h n r e c e i v e d a b a c h e l o r ’s o f science degree in 1958 with majors in chemistry, physics, and pure and applied mathematics. S. and joined Arno Adhesive Tapes in October 2011 Michigan City, IN, where he began as research chemist. He expanded Arno’s line of adhesive tapes to include a full spectrum of tape types and eventually became vice president of research, development, and technical operations.

The 2010 end-use survey can be ordered in electronic or hard copies. Developed by IAL Consultants on behalf of CPI, the survey comprises more than 300 pages, 150 tables, and 95 charts and diagrams, providing a detailed analysis of the major end-use markets for polyurethane in North America for 2010. org/s_api/sec. com. P R O D U C T & L I T E R AT U R E Showcase Leading the Way in 2K New catalog from Nordson EFD offers the complete line of TAH systems for meter mix and cartridge applications for two-component adhesives, including mixers, cartridges, dispensers, and valves.

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