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He may be engaged in service, who knows, simply to draw his admirers who may praise him and help his ego. Alternatively the person may be busy in service simply because he is afraid of solitude where he may have to face himself. It is easy to wage warwith a thousand persons at one time but very difficult to face one's oneself, because there he has to admit his weaknesses. Saturn in Scorpio Scorpio is the second watery sign. Mars the planet of energy and force is its lord. Though the sign is concerned with emotions it is strange that Moon the planet of emotions and sentiments gets its debility in this sign.

Saturn in 12th house stands for the sacrifice of material ambition. In those who are less evolved Saturn fears the confrontation of self with the external circumstances and develops a sense of impotence to do any thing worth while. He becomes a fatalist and endures his helplessness and frustration. Twelfth house also signifies death because the individual engages himself in no material activity. It is the death of his ambitions. He floats like a dead corpse on the flowing waters of destiny. Chapter-4 Saturn in Various houses So far our discussion of Saturn has veered round his position in the various zodiacal signs with a particular ~ reference to the houses of the Kaal Purusha.

Maharishi Garga calls Saturn in 3rd house as- the destroyer of children. Kative, according to hi~ own experiences, says in female rasis or signs identical with the 3rd house Saturn gives late children and in male signs early children with one or two abortions. In respect of finances he adds that the planets in Virgo and Libra cause bad financial position after the marriage. M. Pathak the native gets finances from various industries that is that the 66 Saturn-Friend & Guide planet makes the native an industrialist where he prospers.

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