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The choice of Walter for opening night is a deliberate statement; no easy escapism but a moving story about a mentally handicapped man’s experience in psychiatric institution in the 1960’s. Here was the new channel and The Guardian assumed its readers would be able to ‘take’ Walter; even through it was a ‘tough’ story. 82) calls Walter ‘a really meaty TV film’ but then adds that it is ‘the shocking and moving story of a mentally handicapped man’. 82) Joe Steeples describes Walter as ‘the harrowing story of a mentally disabled man’.

Channel 4 burst into life last night with a programme mixture so varied it was as though someone was flicking round the dial of the TV set. 1982) For the British press the coming of Channel 4 was a wonderful yet awful opportunity. Here was something new about which they could write. They had the power to describe and define the channel for their readers. Television entered a new phase of visibility and the critics ran wild with their descriptions and opinions of the new channel and helped to define the way that the channel and its programmes were perceived in the early months.

What Channel 4 initially experienced was that in households where there were young people it was more likely that the sets had been tuned in. The conservatism of the older members of the population trying to find the new channel, by what was termed by some ‘fiddling with the controls of the tele’ became a problem for the channel. So the channel shifted their attention to the younger members of the audience to encourage them to assist in tuning in the sets of people who could not do it for themselves.

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